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YNGWIE MALMSTEEN interview on his freakish obsessions with guitar 2010 | Raw & Uncut


Q:質問 YM:イングヴェイ・マルムスティーン

Q there was no better place to interview the Swedish guitar legend in vain Malmsteen than in the lobby of the most opulent Hotel in the center of the medieval town of Bologna Italy and you know what can you say about this guy apart from the fact that he lives by the mantra more is more and you're going to see why


Qwere you attracted to classical music because of the virtuosity and the challenging aspect?


YMwhat it was was that I felt like you know I needed to be more - yeah like you said challenged you know because I was a freak I was a little freak running around you know I mean it was I look back at it now I know like what the hell was I thinking you know you know because it isn't right

どちらかというとチャレンジ的な要素が大きかったよ。まだ若い頃は、それこそ狂ってたよ笑 技術的に上達する為に狂気じみてて何考えてるか分からなかった。

Qbecause you're obsessed with music or ...


YMwell yeah I mean because of what is not like now where it's like you know it's times of like a um you know me into a video game and everybody goes if you become a like a rock star you know you get rich and get laid and all that stuff there was no talk about that it was just the music that freaked me I love that one I went nutty about it you know I felt like I had to be better than I am you know and to me to be better would be to play more difficult more into string would be 3 string 4 5 6 string arpeggios and on the 64th nodes and and you know and really challenge myself and could actually they make this into a 4 octave or arpaggio for instance you know how do I do that board I start with chromatics and stuff like this so to me it was a matter of not boring myself


YMI never wanted to be a classical musician but I loved the classical tonalities and the more complex and it's not that much complex this is just that it's a full scale is an eight note scale or than the six or five you know


Qbut you brought the classical sound quite boldly into the rock and metal format than what anyone else


YMand but may I say little bit eyes as an accident which is really ironic as well because I States just because I I knew I couldn't make it in Sweden you know and I tried a lot and I was 18 years old I got invited to come to States to record an album wich what's a pretty banal record really you know in this it was very simple stealer but I figured you know I can do this and you know I get to go and do something so I did it and I got offered to do some things you phone things like this and I decided to form a group with Graham bonnet because he had no songs had no direction so I got in there and put my sound on that rec which I felt good about and we went to Japan and we were like the Beatles it was unbelievable I mean I've been in America for a year now I'm in Japan it's like I'm playing fest Osaka festival whether recording me in Japan I remember doing a sound check I was going oh my god this sounds it's all you know I couldn't believe it and so they offered me a solo deal but they said it mustn't be any vocals on it and I said but I don't want to do an instrumental record I don't wanna make but it turned out it became mostly instrumental record and that has scenes become sort of a blueprint of instrumental rock guitar you know which which was liberate as weird part because it just because it was instrumental I had to put more classical thing on it less riffy more guitar like lead stuff on it


Qyou mentioned Paganini why is Paganini important to you as well


YMvery good question again um I was on a quest when I was a kid I didn't know what I want to do because it wasn't someone who's doing what I felt I should go to you know and I formed kind of sound that I liked you know where that I could made the guitar almost sing you know um combination of strats and Marshalls and stuff which I you know I haven't changed that but it was only so much you could do like I'd listened to flute and stuff like this and once again I saw on TV was uh I was 12 13 maybe it was his guy Russian violinist who's gone mad on the violin you know I couldn't believe it I took like a lid like I'm like a boom box I put her for TV and I record you know and I said the end of the program it was Nicola Paganini's 24 caprices


QPlus apparently Paganini you know channeled the devil or at least that's what they all say


YMoh it was a lot of a toilet idea you know he sold his soul to the devil to achieve these abilities you know which is so funny because the lot of people draw the parallel with me in our life stuff one time I was was it on them somebody call my phone another couple years ago hello who is it I Steve Steve Steve Howe Steve I I go hey and I go no it's dusty I know Steve this is not Steve don't call me as a don't call me oh please let me just ask you a question yeah okay did you sell your soul to the devil I like yeah I did see yeah you know you know there's somebody go hold a number for some reason so it's a it's still uh it's a silly thing

彼は悪魔に魂を売ることであの能力を手に入れたって言われてるね。面白いのが多くの人はそれを俺と重ねてるんだ笑 この間いきなりスティーブだって名乗るやつから電話がかかってきて一つだけ聞かせてくれって言われたんだ。「そこまでなるためにはやはり悪魔に魂を売らなければならなかったのか?」ってね。俺はこう答えたよ「あぁ売ったよ。売った。もういいかい?」そう言って切ったよ。電話番号がどこかから勝手に流出したらしいね笑

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